Spinal Cord Injury Information

  • Approximately 11,000 new Spinal Cord traumas occur in the US each year.
  •  The most common cause of SCI’s are vehicular accidents, acts of violence, falls and sports related activities.
  •  89% of all SCI cases are discharged from hospital’s/rehabilitation centers to private homes; only 4.8% are discharged to nursing homes.
  •  Only 52% of SCI individuals are covered by their insurance at the time of their injury.
  •  Average initial hospital stay in acute care is 15 days. (Cruise was in the ICU for 14 days)
  •  Average rehabilitation stay is 36 days. (Cruise was in inpatient rehab for 75 days)
  •  Average first-year expenses for high level quadriplegia are $1,023,924.

Uninsured expenses may include:

  •  Accessible van and durable medical equipment.
  •  Hoyer lift for wheelchair to bed/vehicle transfers.
  •  Home modifications for wheelchair accessibility.
  •  Fully electronic hospital bed.
  •  Power and manual wheelchairs.
  •  Physical therapy and vocational rehabilitation.
  •  Experimental treatments.
  •  Travel expenses for rehabilitation and treatment.
  •  Daily assistant care.

Cruises SCI Information

In Cruises first year of injury, his insurance was billed $1,193,150. They paid $596,863. The Bogle family paid $45,291 out-of-pocket. These costs do not include his wheelchair which cost approximately $30,000, his wheelchair accessible van which cost another $30,000, the addition to the house so he could have an accessible room and bathroom, medical supplies and an assistant that are necessary for his daily care. Many of these costs will be ongoing throughout Cruises life which is why we put so much effort into fundraising. Without the help of our friends, family and community, these costs would be even more devastating.

Costs related to Cruises daily needs:

  •  $25 – $50 for Physician Co-pays.
  •  $100 for one week of gas to and from physical therapy and appointments.
  •  $85 for one day of assisting care, needed 5 days a week. This adds up to approximately $425/week, $1700/month and $22,000/year.
  •  $150 for one day at the “Center for Neuro Recovery” gym where Cruise works to gain mobility and independence 5 days a week. Adding up to $3000/month and $36,000/year.